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This website offers public available web services around the Playstation Network for free.
Our services are 3rd party preparations. We do not work together with Sony.

Web Services

All our services are freeware (closed source) applications and based on API's ('stable' only). We are interested in top service stability and availability. There is no warranty that our services works fine 24/7, but there are tests running every hour that let us know if a service shouldn't even work as it should. Broken services will be fixed as soon as possible. Every service and resourced API got through a long testing phase that gives the best possible service stability guaranty. So our services can be used in commercial ways without any concern. Go to the service overview.

Service Documentations

Different information about our web services are available. The are three types of documentations for each service: 'Why should I use this service?', 'How to use this service?' and 'Technical specification'. There are examples that helps you to understand what it is about, how it works and how you can implement/use it. The service documentations are available by the service pages.


Sign In and you are able to manage your own service properties and take a look at your statistics by MyPsnApi.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about us, our mission, services or documentations. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours. For public talks use the forums on